Hanukkah and Bat Mitzvah celebration

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In Doboj synagogue “Beth Shalom”, after many years, was held a ceremony Bat Mitzvah (religious legal age) of Lana Vukovich from town Teslic. With the presence of numerous guests from Sarajevo, Teslic and Doboj, Lana turned on the sixth day of Hanukkah candles at this 5776 year. Evening prayer was led by Eli Tauber, Advisor for Culture of the Jewish Community in B&H. After the prayer, gathering continued and Lana then addressed the guests with these words:

“First of all, I want to welcome you all and thank to all of you who came to beautify this my day. Many, many thanks for your support and trust. I would first like to thank my dear grandmother and my dear mother that all these 12 years have invested tremendous effort and awakened love in me toward Jewish community.
We also thank Mr. Tauber for your support and for your time, for organization and care of everything to be perfect.
In the Jewish community, I felt the warmth, met a lot of friends; I am active in the many meetings. Special mention to Szarvas (summer children’s camp in Hungary), and recently I was in Jezevica. From all these meetings there are a lot of wonderful memories, stronger friendship and every time I find something new in Judaism. I cannot but to mention Pirovac, Kladovo …
From today I’m older, more serious and in front of me is a new life full of new challenges.
Finally I want to thank the Jewish community of Doboj and all its members, because to them my celebration is complete. ”
Impressions of the ceremony can be viewed in the Gallery section / photo gallery (BHS language).


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