Events in the Jewish community

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When it comes to the activities that we do, it is important to point out seminars, panel discussions and cultural evenings on themes on Jewish culture and Jewish customs, protection of national minorities and other areas of importance to our community.
We celebrate all Jewish holidays and perform religious prayers in the synagogue. We also regularly organize and participate in important ceremonies and celebrate dates such as:
• January 27 – International Day of Holocaust Remembrance,
• May 9 – Victory Day over Fascism,
• August 23 – Day of Uprising of the people of Doboj region,
• April 22 – Day of Remembrance of the victims of the concentration camp at Jasenovac – Donja Gradina.
More about the events that we organize and in which we participate, read part of the Jewish Cultural Center – Events.

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We recommend to visit Links category and to be informed about events in Jewish communities worldwide.
Find out more about the events in our Music Education Center during the next month.
Jewish community in Doboj requires voluntary contributions and donations to repair the roof of the synagogue. We invite all interested parties for their contributions and donations to help preserve the building of the synagogue in Doboj. The method of payment is available under the heading Donate.

Jewish Community and Cultural Center in Doboj

We are dedicated to the preservation of the Jewish religion, tradition and identity in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and to the preservation and promotion of peace, cultural and economic cooperation among all nations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.Our vision is to promote good interpersonal and interfaith relations, tolerance and compromise between peoples and eradicate racial, religious, ethnic or any other form of discrimination.

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