Elective assembly of the Jewish Community in Doboj

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At the Jewish Cultural Center in Doboj on Sunday, February, 26. 2017 was held an elective assembly of the Jewish Community in Doboj. A significant majority of verified members responded to the general meeting to elect the new leadership and board of the community for a period of the next four years. On the proposal of the preparatory committee for convening the general meeting of the Jewish Community in Doboj were considered three points after the adopted agenda. Namely, the adoption of the new Statute / Rules of Procedure, the selection of candidates for the presidency and board of the community and diverse.

Having adopted a new statute, members approached voting for candidates who have previously submitted their candidacy in due time. New president elected of the Jewish Community in Doboj is Prim. dr. Daniel Atijas, while the membership of the board in the coming period will be Ljiljana Music Raich (Doboj), Slavenka Diamant Marinkovic (Teslic), Mojika Pesach (Derventa) and Dario Atijas  (Doboj) as an executive vice – president.

Under point diverse community members discussed various issues, current problems and challenges that carries out work of the Jewish community in Doboj and its staff. On issues such as the sustainability of the community in terms of ensuring the proper management and regular maintenance of the property of the Jewish Community in Doboj, concern for social problems of older members, including those members of the community who survived the Holocaust, then students and children, religious life, the maintenance of Jewish cemeteries in the Doboj region, participation in events of importance to the community, as well as the implementation of the annual work program on community social, religious and cultural spheres in order to preserve Jewish traditions and heritage. Newly elected leadership in the coming period will try to provide answers and solutions to ensure the continuity of the Jewish community in Doboj that dates back to 1871.

The principle of leadership will be, as outlined by the newly elected President of the community is to reach unity and belonging feeling among the membership to the joint goals.  Without weekly Shabbat service, absence of Rabbi that can perform pivotal role for community spiritual, educational and personal development is not easy to manage community life. Need is for exchange of ideas on the basis of agreement and transparency with joint commitment and contribution to the community and for the continuation of Jewish tradition and heritage in Doboj. It will contribute to better cooperation with state and entity authorities also, as well as with local institutions.

It will improve interpersonal relations with representatives of churches and religious communities, associations, organizations and citizens, as well with international organizations and donors. Goals are to ensure continuation by doing mitzvot in accordance with the Jewish tradition and that way to contribute, as a community, to peace and stability in the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world. New article adopted within the Statute of the Jewish community of Doboj contains article of “Friends of the Jewish community in Doboj.” It invites individuals and organizations of good will and of non Jewish roots that are willing to observe and achieve cooperation with JC Doboj, use of its resources and interpersonal relations with its membership will be able to propose and actively participate in the implementation of the annual program of the Jewish cultural center for the benefit of the entire community in Doboj and beyond.

Finally, the sessions is completed in good cheer, in the hope of soon reunion, including the presence of the younger generation on the occasion of the upcoming Jewish holiday of Purim.

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